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Find Maharashtra State NEET quota consultation information here such as cut-off, place matrix, tuition fee, eligibility, medical consultation procedure, etc.

The Maharashtra State Quota MBBS Admission Consultancy is administered by the Maharashtra Unified Test Panel run by the Government of Maharashtra through the Admissions Regulatory Authority. 85% of MBBS seats in all public colleges are reserved for candidates from Maharashtra. In addition to public colleges, NRI quota seats in management quotas and private medical colleges are allocated by the CET through the Admissions Regulatory Authority.

Management quota positions are filled by the organization’s own organization and are not filled by any third party like us, so there is no additional charge for filling these positions. All you have to do is pay our entrance fee and we will take care of the rest for you. If you would like to get direct admission for MBBS on Management Quota in Maharashtra, please contact us at +91 9921 499 691 at

Maharashtra Medical Consultation Procedure

Maharashtra state quota medical counselling is conducted by the State General Entrance Examination Class – Maharashtra under the authority of the Medical Education and Research Authority – Mumbai (DMER-Mumbai). This SCET committee fills all available medical vacancies in the state of Maharashtra.

  • Government
  • Government subsidies
  • municipal corporation
  • Private and minority organizations
  • Space reservation percentage

For government medical colleges, 15% of medical places are reserved under the All India quota and the remaining 85% of medical places are reserved under the Maharashtra state quota.

For private medical colleges. 15% of the medical places are reserved for the institutional quota and the remaining 85% of the medical places are reserved for the state quota of Maharashtra. Institutional quota vacancies are filled based on all-Indian merit, including candidates from NRI/OCI and other states. If vacancies remain after the final round of counselling, they are allocated to counselling at the appropriate college.

Private Medical colleges MBBS Management Quota Fees in Maharashtra

We have mentioned the tuition fee structure of Maharashtra Private Medical College where the fees are listed in ascending order.

Maharashtra’s Cheapest Private Medical College Fee Structure:-
Name of the private college Tuition fee (INR) NRI (INR) AIQ Fees Hostel Fees
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha 70,900(To be paid in two six-monthly instalments) 16,800 (For Boys)

15,360 (For Girls)

Terna Medical College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 7,00,000 27,00,000
Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Hospital & Research Center, Nashik 7,00,000 29,00,000
M.I.M.S.R. Medical College, Vishwanathpuram, Ambejogai Road, Dist. Latur 7,00,000 29,50,000
Ashwini Rural Medical College 7,10,000 (annual) 8000
Institute of Medical Science and Research Satara 7,10,000(Annually) 85,000 (Annually)
Pad. V.V. Patil F’s Medical College. Ahmadnagar 7,37,000 90,000
Vikhe Patil Institute of Medical Sciences 8,15,000 (Annually) 90,000(per year)
N.K.P. Salve Institute of Med. Sciences, Nagpur 8,83,000 38,25,000
KJ Somaiyya Medical College & Research Centre, Mumbai 9,25,000 35,00,000
MAEER’S M.I.M.E.R. Med. College, Pune 9,25,000 33,00,000
Prakash institute of medical sciences & research, Sangli 9,40,000 37,50,000 75,000
SMBT Medical College Rs 9,63,636 50,000
B.K.L. Walawalkar Rural Medical College & Hospital 10,25,000 (annual) 70,000
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Karad 11,00,000 (For Gen) (Annually) 50,000 US $/- 70,000
Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College, Pune 12,60,000 35,00,000 65,000
Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences Loni 12,75,000(For Gen) 57,000 3,333(Per Month)
Vedanta Institute of Medical Sciences 14,50,000 (Annually) 32,00,000 14,50,000 1,50,000(Regular AC)
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Wardha 17,15,000/-(For General) (Annually) 51,500 US $ Annually 15,200(Per month)
Mahatma Gandhi Missions Medical College Navi Mumbai 20,00,000/- 60,000 US $ 20 Lakhs 7,500
Dr DY Patil Medical College Kolhapur 20,60,000 (Annually) (For Gen) 45,000 US $/- 1,00,000(Per Annum)
Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College Pune INR18,43,000 + INR 1,84,000 other charges (For General) $ 70,000 /- US Dollar 18,833
Padmashree Dr DY Patil Medical College Pune 22,00,000 (For Gen) $60,000/- 2,81,000 (Annum)
Padmashree Dr DY Patil Medical College Navi Mumbai 25,75,000 (Annually) $ 60,000/- USD INR 2,10,000/- (Annual)

Allotment  process

direct admission in mbbs colleges in india

A reception will be handled by the Regulatory Authority for Medical Admissions of the State of Maharashtra in Mumbai. Suitable candidates are distributed through a centralized distribution process (CAP). The Maharashtra State CET (SCET) cell in Mumbai holds admissions for all medical and scientific courses in Maharashtra. Eligible applicants will be encouraged to apply online for admission to the public, corporate, private, and minority colleges. Online counselling method and conducts 2 rounds of counselling with eligible candidates.

There is no consultation fee for candidates who are eligible for the SCET program. The NEET-UG online application costs Rs. 1000 / – (Non-refundable fee). Upon application, the physical document verification process will be conducted by SCET Maharashtra for all government medical colleges. The ‘Document Verification Centre’ will be announced at a later date by the Maharashtra Advisory Body. Therefore, applicants are advised to keep an eye on the daily consultation website during the MBBS Admissions Consultation. If the candidate is satisfied with his/her distribution of seats, but he/she decides not to participate in any of the subsequent rounds, he/she must submit a “Retention of Status Form”.

The counselling process
  • Registration is required to participate in the consultation.
  • Fill out an online application
  • Payment of the registration fee through any online payment gateway
  • Publish the list of registered candidates
  • Verification of documents
  • Complete the online preference selection process
  • Publish Preliminary State Quality List
  • List of candidates selected for the first round
  • Last day of college admissions for first-round candidates
  • List of candidates selected for the second round
  • Last day for college admissions for second-round candidates
  • List of selected candidates for “mopping up”
  • Last date of admission to universities for candidates in the preparatory round

Mop up Round Consultation

Upon completion of two or more rounds of the Centralized Allocation Process (CAP) for public/corporate/private supported colleges/non-supported private colleges/minorities, vacancies will be filled in a sweep if vacancies have not yet been allocated or reported. Round.

Eligible candidates for the preliminary round of counselling:
  • If no candidate receives admission in the first or second round
  • If any candidate is on the waiting list
  • If a candidate is not available for selection in the first or second round
Applicants not eligible for the preliminary round of counselling:
  • Seats could be allocated to any candidate in the CAP round but in case of non-participation
  • If any candidate completes the retention status form
  • If any candidate resigns after the distribution of seats in previous rounds
Payment and refund of tuition fees

Tuition fees must be paid by the concerned college through the claim project. If any college/course/admission change of any candidate has been cancelled / he or she wants to cancel the allotment, the tuition fee will be refunded to the candidates after deduction. The dean or principal of the college is responsible for the refund of tuition fees on the basis of the rejection letter of the candidate.

Cancellation and penalty

If the selected candidates do not enter the college within the prescribed time, the admission will be cancelled by the competent authority. If the selected candidate wants to cancel the admission, it must also be cancelled in the concerned college. The college must accept the cancellation and notify the competent authority with a copy of the cancellation letter from the candidate. If the candidates cancel the admission, they will have to pay a penalty for cancelling the admission allotted to them.

Service deposit and penalty

If any candidate is selected under GOI nomination or All India quota, he/she must sign a commitment to serve as an intern in Maharashtra Government, Local Government, or Defense Services. If the candidate fails to complete the internship within one year, he/she should pay a non-reimbursable Rs. 10,00,000 / – (only ten lakhs) as penalty. This penalty applies to candidates who did not attend the final round of counselling / resigned at the time of admission. This penalty applies to any applicant who resigns after the expiration date has been posted. If any of the candidates fail to complete the course or ignore the candidate’s admission quota. In addition, he or she must sign a guarantee that he or she will not leave India within five years from the date of graduation. Otherwise, he or she will have to pay non-refundable rupees. 10,00,000 / – (only ten lakhs) as penalty.

Documents required for medical consultation

The following documents are required to participate in Maharashtra state medical consultation. All original documents and photocopies must be certified.

  1. SSLC marking sheet
  2. HSC marking sheet
  3. School Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate
  4. Government ID/Citizenship Certificate
  5. Candidate’s copy
  6. Adhaar Map
  7. Birth certificate
  8. Residence certificate
  9. Caste certificate
  10. Community/caste certificate
  11. Medical fitness certificate
  12. Marking sheet NTA NEET
  13. NTA NEET Reception
  14. Copy of online application
  15. These are the certificates required to submit a mandatory application for special reservations at the State Medical Advice of Maharashtra.
  16. PWD certificate
  17. Protection certificate
  18. ICD certificate
  19. Highlands Certificate
  20. Minority Certificate
  21. SEBC certificate
  22. Certificate of Orphanhood from Authorities for Orphan Reservation Application
  23. The EWS Non-Creamy Laying Certificate is valid until March 31st of the current year.


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