PG Medical Admission Through Management Quota 2023

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Today we will discuss NRI Management PG Quota for Medical Visit. Despite the low NEET PG score, the NRI quota can be a great option to get into a demanding department in a reputed medical college.

Criteria for PG medical admission through management quota

PG medical admission through management quota is a sought-after degree that opens the door to many career opportunities in the field of medicine. However, students who did not score well in the entrance exam to meet admission criteria have another opportunity – PG medical admission through management quota.

The first step to seeking PG medical admission through management quota is to select an institution that offers such admission. Once the college is selected, it is essential to contact the institution and enquire about the management quota process.

These students/candidates are eligible for the NRI quota as they meet the following criteria:

  • Indian origin (POI), Foreign Citizens of India (OCI), and their children are considered NRIs.
  • Students who are children of government or central government employees who are abroad during the period of deputation are considered NRIs.
  • Students must be of Indian descent and must live or study in another country.
  • Children of Indian nationals who are abroad for business or work are also considered NRIs.
  • Foreign-born applicants whose parents are of Indian descent fall in the NRI category.
  • Students who meet these criteria apply for the NRI quota. Let us now see what are their registration rights under the NRI quota in India.


Eligibility for NRI Quota Admission

  • Students must meet the above NRI quota criteria.
  • Applicants must have a valid passport
  • The seats offered under the NRI quota will be allotted only to honest NRIs.
  • Applicants must pass the eligible NEET exam
  • Applicants applying under NRI sponsorship must have a real blood relationship with financial support, be it a mother, sister, father, brother, aunt, or uncle.
  • List of state quotas
  • Vacancies in government quotas or in recognized / private universities will be filled based on NEET PG results. Many parameters will be taken into consideration while preparing the merit list of applicants for the state quota, such as the number of seats, reserved category, subcategory, final eligibility, state category, and other reservation rules.
  • Based on this quality list compiled by all the States / UTs / agencies, the final quality list will be published on the official state website. There is no policy to reserve a place for the reception. However, seats will be reserved for certain categories.
  • Some seats are also reserved for EWS classes.


Important points to remember

  • There are three rounds of counseling for prospective and central universities, followed by a final round of clearing for random openings at the college level if any.
  • By 2018, students from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are also eligible for quota counseling services for the whole of India.
  • However, students from Jammu and Kashmir are not eligible for the All India Quota.
  • Applicants who did not register for the first round can also register for the second round.
  • If applicants apply at both AIQ and Deemed University, they will only have to pay a higher fee, i.e. Rs. Deemed University. 205000.
  • If a student has been allotted a place in the first round, he/she must complete the admission process by enrolling in the allotted institution/college, only then the candidate can take the opportunity to upgrade his / her place in the next round (2nd round).


NEET PG Counseling Procedure

  • NEET PG Counseling is programmed by MCC for all of India for 50% of the places in the all India quota.
  • Admission will only be allowed after all requirements for admission after counseling have been met.
  • Each state/UT/institution will post a merit list for admission to 50% of the seats in the state quota. Admissions consultations for state quota places will be conducted by the appropriate officials in the state/UT.
  • We know that the consultation schedule will be announced after the announcement of the results of NEET PG. 
  • But as soon as the results are announced, the consultation process begins.
  • NEET PG Counseling Procedure


The consultation process will be completed after the following steps:

direct admission PG through Management Quota

Step 1: Register
  • Go to the official website via the link
  • Click on the New Registration link.
  • Sign up for a consultation.
  • Applicants must remember the password they created during registration.
  • Pay for the consultation, i.e. 1000 (for AIQ/UR Central University candidates) and Rs. 500 (for SC/ST/OBC/PH) and Rs. 5000 (for university candidates).
  • Applicants will also be required to pay tuition fees, which will be refunded if candidates are not given places. Cost of education:
  • For AIQ/UR Central University Candidates: Rs. 25,000.
  • SC/ST/OBC/PH Candidates: Rs. 10,000.
  • For those under consideration: rub. 2,00,000 for everyone, regardless of his/her category
Step 2: Complete the selection
  • After online registration, candidates will be required to list the subjects of their choice and the institution/college in order of preference.
  • Once the selection is complete, you can change it before it is locked.
  • During the selection lock period, the selection must be locked in order to receive a printout of your submitted selection.
  • If the choice presented by the candidate is not blocked, the choice presented by him will be blocked automatically.
  • Make a printout of your selections for future reference.
  • You can fill in many options to your liking.
Step 3: Set aside a space
  • Once the selection is complete, the seat allocation process will begin.
  • Candidates will be allocated places based on list completion, seat availability, category, etc.
  • The results will be announced in the last week of June (for the 1st round).
Step 4: Report
  • Applicants who have been allocated places must attend the allocated college/course within the allotted time.
  • Admission will not be granted after the specified deadline.


Documents required for PG medical admission through management quota in India
  • Applicants are advised not to forget to bring the following documents in their original form on the day of admission.
  • One year internship certificate
  • Category Certificate (if applicable)
  • High school / high school diploma/birth certificate as proof of date of birth.
  • Graduate Degree Assessment Sheet (MBBS / BDS)
  • MBBS / BDS Degree Certificate / Temporary Certificate
  • NEET PG Removal / Rank Letter
  • ID confirmation
  • Certificate of permanent/temporary registration issued by MSI or State Medical Council


FAQ Related to PG Medical Admission Through Management Quota

1. What is an NRI-sponsored venue?

If a person takes full responsibility for the full payment of the course and other expenses, then he/she is the sponsor for that person.

2. What is the difference between management quota and NRI quota?

Any resident in India can participate in the management quota, but seats in the NRI quota are reserved for NRIs, but if there are not enough NRI candidates, these NRI seats are transferred to the management place.

3. Does NEET PG have an NRI quota?

Yes, both NEET UG and NEET PG have NRI quotas. Getting a good position despite having a low NEET score can be a real game-changer. Click here to watch the video and learn the truth.

4. How can I get the NRI quota in NEET PG?

If you are eligible for the NRI quota and you have the documents, you can participate in NRI quota counseling and get a place in higher medical colleges and courses.

5. How can I apply for the NRI quota?

First of all, prepare all the necessary documents for this. Click here for a list of documents required for admission in the NRI quota. Call us for more details.

6. How can an NRI get a medical seat in India?

To get a seat reserved for an NRI, the applicant must participate either through an all-India quota or through a state consultation. Click here to visit the official website of all the states.

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